2U 2


I know this is nothing related to Jaesu but if you are a 2U fan, please pay attention!

As one of the new mods of yunchun_ywh I would like to welcome you to our very first


You can exchange 2U fanfiction or 2U art, I'm sure there is something that will hold your interest! Gain new friends that have the same interests, have some fun at the end of the year, enjoy everything as a spectator! The choice is yours!

I hope you will help me by spreading the word via lj, twitter, tumblr, etc. so we reach every fan!

Maybe we can even cheer on the Jaesu-mods to do a similar thing (gah, I would love this!)


Jaesu in a cornfield


Check out my new Jaesu video! So basically, I used old scenes that I already used in my last two videos Night Air and Truth but I thought this melody also fitted the scenes very well ^^ (I inserted one Jaesu mahalo scene that I found at the end)
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