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J[a]e•lous•y [completed]

title: Jaelousy Epilogue
pairing: Jaesu
rating: r
genre: drama
length: 2037 words, [completed]

summary: Jaejoong has it bad for quite a few years and one day he decides that he's had enough. He has a plan... but it all goes so spectacularly wrong.

Part 1 | Part 2

Two weeks passed by until Jaejoong could visit Junsu a second time. It was his last December-performance in Seoul so Jaejoong hoped Junsu was not too disappointed that he didn’t show up yet. He had an excuse though; he was busy with flying back and forth between Japan and Korea for his Nagoya-concerts, and he also had two further concerts in Seoul. The preparations alone took him days. But he was happy since one of those concerts was during his birthday and he spent the time with his fans and family.

Junsu congratulated him, too. It was via Kakao talk and the only time they communicated in days, but the moment he got the congratulatory messages he was so delighted that he made a capture and boasted with it on twitter.

Nostalgically he looked at the capture again. He missed Junsu terribly.

All the more was his excitement when he left for the performance. He had caught a cold over the week, his head was hurting and his nose was weeping but the prospect of seeing Junsu made him forget all that.

He had asked Yoochun along when he had bought his ticket but Yoochun had kindly refused since he was still busy filming for his movie and drama simultaneously.

“Stay healthy and don’t catch a cold like me,” he had told him over the phone.

“Yeah Hyung, and you make sure to visit his performance. The last time I talked to him over the phone he seemed mad at you.”


Going to the theatre alone was a lot more intimidating than arriving there with an entourage. Since he knew that appearing alone would attract way more attention, he tried dressing inconspicuously and went out with a mask. The mask also had the advantage of hiding his dripping nose. How he was still recognised by Junsu’s fans puzzled him.

The musical itself was as great as it was the first time, maybe even better because there were many changed and improved parts included. The songs had long become earworms in everyone’s head with their catchy yet sad tunes, even Jaejoong remembered some of the lyrics since he heard them a second time, he hummed along.

His heart-rate still escalated at the kiss-scenes but he took them with dignity. Be there jealousy or not.

Being Junsu’s last performance in Seoul, the fans applauded and cheered for him for a very long time. Jaejoong meanwhile made his way backstage since all the eyes were directed towards the front.

Only a few eyes followed him and whispered, “oh, my God. That’s Kim Jaejoong.”

He hung his head low and ran for Junsu’s dressing room where he waited.

It took Junsu five minutes to follow him and Junsu was so surprised by seeing Jaejoong sitting in front of his makeup-table that he held onto his chest before closing the door behind him. “Goodness, did you scare me!”

Jaejoong stood up and hugged the shocked Junsu. “I’m sorry.”

“Hyung, I had no idea that you would come today!”

“I told you I would.”

“I thought you forgot that,” Junsu mumbled.

Aww, I’m sorry. I heard you were mad at me.”

“You heard that from Yoochun.”

“I’m not revealing my sources.”

“Ha ha. Did you watch the whole performance, Hyung?”

“Yep, from start to end. I loved all the changes.”

Junsu smiled. “You noticed.”

“Of course I did. Didn’t you see me in the audience?”

“No. You didn’t dress up for me this time, Hyung. Is it because the cameras are missing?” Junsu accused and eyed him up and down.

“Of course not!”

“Then why do you look like a beggar?”

“I tried coming incognito, I failed. And I’m sick.

Aw, Hyung, I’m sorry to hear that.” Junsu embraced him, stroking along his spine which strangely made him feel safe. He had to be cautious about where his own hands landed though, someone could barge in through the door at any moment.

“Listen Junsu; meet me at my apartment tonight.”

“Hyung, but tonight’s the after-party.”

“Ah, I forgot about that. Can’t you skip it?”

“I’ll try to skip it for you but if it doesn’t work, I’ll visit you after that, okay, Hyung?”

“All right. Don’t forget that you’ve still got to tell me the many things you like about me.”

Junsu grinned. “I won’t.”

“See you later.”

“Bye Hyung.”

He left in a hurry but some fans were able to take pictures of him nonetheless. He tried to ignore it. The ones who didn’t recognise him, Jaejoong was glad to see gossiping about Junsu’s love-life. “I heard that Junsu has a girlfriend now,” Jaejoong picked that up as one fan told the other. “No way!” “It’s true, I heard it from the female staff.”

He smiled broadly under the mask, pleased at his handiwork.

Once he arrived at his apartment, he discarded his clothes and got rid of the mask. He felt way too hot, so he opened a window. He made and ate dinner only in his pants, and Junsu didn’t come by yet. By the time his body cooled down and he used up a dozen of tissues, he closed the window again and moved to his most comfortable couch. Junsu didn’t arrive then either. He felt lonely. He felt that a lot since he gave Hiro away to one of his sisters. He just didn’t have enough time lately to take the right care of his dog. He started to shiver badly so he got up one more time with a groan and fetched his white blanket, it was thin but cuddly. Enveloped in it, he put his head on the backrest, his deep thoughts with Junsu. He didn’t seem to have skipped his after-party. Of course not, how could he when he was the main-act…

Jaejoong turned his TV on and watched a late movie till he realised the sound only worsened his head-ache. He turned it off and sighed, leaning his head on the backrest again. When he felt feverish anew, he pulled the blanket down his chest; cold up and lower warm was about the right temperature-combination that made him drowsy enough to fall asleep.

It appeared to be minutes later, they probably were hours, when someone shook him by the shoulder.


“Hey Hyung, wake up.”



“You’re late.”

“I’m sorry.”

He went back to sleep.

“Come on, Hyung,” Junsu shook him again, “your position can’t be comfortable right now.”

Jaejoong ignored him.

“Are you naked? Where are your clothes?”

He didn’t answer.

A heavy weight was discarded on his legs, that made him moan at least.

“Hey,” said Junsu and caressed his cheek softly.

He opened his eyes to find his lap full of the man. Without intending to he smiled.

It was hard to stay mad at him, especially when Junsu was caressing his bare chest with two warm hands next.

“Why is your chest ice-cold and your legs are warm, Hyung?”

“I tried to cool myself down because I was feverish.

Ah. Poor you,” said Junsu and touched Jaejoong’s lips with his shortly.

“You can’t kiss me! I’m sick.

“So you told me, Hyung.”

“But I’m going to infect you.”

“I’ll take the risk,” Junsu was looking very fondly at him, and he had a very nice black polo neck on by now which was enough to stir up Jaejoong’s interest.

He put his arms around Junsu’s shoulders just as Junsu leaned forward for another kiss. With one hand he fisted the smooth black material and with the other Junsu’s hair at the back of his neck. He let Junsu have control over the kiss, let him part his own lips and invade his own mouth with that wonderfully warm tongue. Junsu was an explorer in his nature so Jaejoong wasn’t too surprised when he tried new things. Jaejoong loved everything that he did anyway. He basked in the attention. As long as he could go without a breath at least, which was a problem since Junsu could hold it in longer.

He shoved at Junsu’s chest. “You’re making me dizzy!”

“I know what you taste like now.”

“Like what?”

“Like caramel, I love caramel.”

“That’s a second thing you like about me then.”

“There are more.” Junsu took off his sexy polo neck, Jaejoong was sad to see it go, he also climbed under the blanket which Jaejoong was disturbed by more than he wanted to admit.

“Wh-what are you doing?

“I also like how you’re such a whiny baby when you’re sick and such a strong tiger when you defend me or Yoochun,” Junsu went on.

“I don’t whine!”

Junsu grinned against his lips, his warm and naked chest brushing Jaejoong’s.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Jaejoong hissed.

“I like how you keep your promises, how you stuck by me for years.” Junsu’s hands wandered into his hair and started massaging the scalp underneath in that calming way. “And I like it how you go blond just because I tell you to.”

“Stop avoiding my questions, damn it!

“I like how you’ve loved me for years and kept it a secret, Hyung.” Junsu rolled his hips and Jaejoong blushed furiously, stopping him by holding onto the cheeks of his butt.

“You’re moving on very dangerous terrain, Mister.”

Junsu buried his nose in Jaejoong’s neck and breathed heavily against it. “I even like your fetish with my scent and my butt, Hyung.”

“It’s not a fetish!”

Junsu moved his head up again to gaze into Jaejoong’s eyes while his hands took hold of Jaejoong’s and pinned them against the backrest. He intertwined their fingers without breaking the intense eye-contact. Jaejoong thought he was going crazy with all the sensations.

“I like those rare moments when you’re cute.” Junsu rolled his hips again.

It unlocked a deep groan out of Jaejoong.

“And I love your voice, Hyung. Always have.” Junsu’s cock brushed Jaejoong’s, it was as hard.


“I like the way you look right now,” His hips rolled in a skilful rhythm at this point. “And I like the way that you usually look.”

“All your dancing skills are being useful now, huh?

Junsu smiled before he licked at his lips. “I like how you quit smoking for me.”

“I’m glad I did.”

“And I like how you’ve tattooed my name across your back.” Junsu let go of one of his hands to search for the patch of skin, he squeezed the flesh where he suspected his name to be. “But do you know what I like the most, Hyung?”


“Your jealousy, it’s sexy as fuck.


Jaejoong had enough of the tease; he shoved his free hand under the blanket to release his erection from his restraining pants, next he released Junsu’s by undoing the fly of his trousers. It was glorious to finally hold Junsu’s cock in his hand, they both moaned at the first touch.

He kissed Junsu hard and desperately, and Junsu didn’t hold back either by wrapping his own hand around Jaejoong’s cock.

They pulled each other off till their hands were raw but neither minded. Junsu additionally restarted his hip-movements, making Jaejoong cry into his mouth with every thrust.

The moment Junsu’s hand slid down his tight balls, he came and emptied them along Junsu’s arm. Despite his head spinning and his world blackening, he continued to rub Junsu’s length till he also fell over the edge- Jaejoong was there at the basement to catch him. Junsu’s body cramped when he shot his warm release into Jaejoong’s hand, he stroked circles around Junsu’s spine until he relaxed in his arms.

He held him like that for a long time. He had never felt so content in his life.

“I love you, Junsu.”

“I might be loving you, too.”

Jaejoong pulled back to see his face. To say he was surprised would be an understatement. “What?”

Junsu scratched the short hair at the back of his neck. “Nothing,” he said.

Jaejoong smiled knowingly. He stood up and pulled at Junsu’s hand, leading him to his bedroom. “Let’s go to sleep, baby. You can elaborate on what you might be doing another day.”

Junsu didn’t protest and followed him.

The end.

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